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"We are very pleased with the services provided by Landon-IP. They consistently respond quickly to our search requests, keeping us informed of the progress and present the search results in a professional format."

Marilyn Pashby, Legal Assistant
Tektronix, Inc.

Landon IP conducts complex patent searches for law firms, companies, universities, and inventors in the electrical, chemical, mechanical, biotechnology, and medical device fields. Our searchers hold advanced technical degrees. Many of them are registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), and some are former patent examiners.

Below are the types of searches we are asked to conduct on a regular basis:

Patentability Search. You provide us with a brief invention disclosure . We search all issued patents within the subject area, both unexpired and expired patents. Depending on the technology, we may review the claims of patents. All disclosures and drawing figures are reviewed. You provide an opinion as to patentability (novelty) to your client.

Infringement Search. You provide us with a hypothetical claim. We analyze the claims of all unexpired (in-force) patents within the subject area so that you may counsel your client on infringement avoidance of in force patents.


Freedom to Operate Search. You provide us with a hypothetical claim. We analyze the claims of all unexpired (in-force) patents. We also review expired patents so that the attorney may advise his client which claimed technologies are now in the public domain and are therefore free to use. The patent claims are the focus in this type of search, not necessarily the disclosure.

Accelerated Examination Search. Designed to meet all the requirements of the USPTO's Accelerated Examination Program for fast approval by the patent examiner prosecuting your application. We search all resources prescribed by the USPTO, and we organize our deliverable for easy review by patent examiners. Our approach helps to ensure a fast and affirmative response from the USPTO.

State Of The Art Search. This search is conducted upon receiving a general product or business method description from you. All issued patents are analyzed, expired or not. Because a product may have more than one invention associated with it, this search usually results in the citations of many patents and published applications. Though more patents are cited, the analysis is less comprehensive than if the search were for your use in determining patentability or infringement.

Validity Search. You tell us the patent number (US 6,000,000) and the specific claim (Claim 1) that you intend to invalidate. We conduct an extensive search of patents, technical publications and/or any other available written materials that may be relevant to the patented invention. All publicly available documents or evidence of public disclosure prior to the filing of the patent application are analyzed. We seek to carefully scope the search parameters of the investigation in order to focus on the most pertinent sources and to remain within a predetermined budget.

A validity (invalidity) study is helpful in:

  • Support for selecting minimum royalty payments in licensing negotiations
  • Use as a defensive tool against alleged infringement
  • Patent valuations

Key Features

You may give us a template that shows how you would like your search report to be customized.

Alternatively, we will draft a search report and include paper or electronic copies of the most pertinent patents and technical publications identified during the search.

The report is usually 5 to 20 pages. It includes a restatement of the subject features under investigation, a listing and description of the classes and subclasses searched, a listing of all keywords and Boolean logic used, the names and telephone numbers of examiners contacted, and a brief but detailed discussion of each reference. The report has a table that maps each reference to a specific subject feature that directs you to text and drawings in a reference, and discloses the assignee at the time of issuance. For legal protection, confidentiality is ensured.

Search reports are drafted by the patent searcher and edited by a technical writer.

Key Benefits

  • We guarantee satisfaction with our search work. If you are not pleased with our performance, we will modify the search until you are satisfied. If you are still not satisfied, we will excuse the price of the search. Call Dave Hunt at 703-682-4840 for details of the guarantee.
  • Several of our patent researchers are registered patent agents. A number of them are former patent examiners.
  • We give you an exact price and timeframe for each search beforehand - at no obligation to you.
  • We complete all searches requiring 40 hours or less within a week.
  • Our fees are extremely competitive. You will know the exact price before you commission a search.