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"If my firm had been using Landon-IP we would have paid half as much for electronic file histories. We were paying another provider double the money for the same effort. Landon-IP is fair and very competitively priced."

L.W., Patent Attorney
New Jersey

Patent file histories contain all the correspondence between the United States or any other patent office and the patent attorney or agent representing an inventor. A patent file history is often referred to as a patent file wrapper.

Landon IP’s headquarters in Alexandria, VA is just blocks from the offices of the USPTO, and our employees are there every day, some full-time. In addition, our overseas offices in Europe and Asia and our extensive global network of knowledgeable local agents give us access to patent offices around the world. Landon IP’s researchers and analysts understand every detail involved in working with patent offices and with patent file histories. We know the specifics of patent prosecution and available file history coverage – in terms of both content and years – around the world.

The knowledge of Landon IP’s team allows us to meet your needs for global patent file histories with competitive pricing and unmatched customer service, quality, and speed. You’ll benefit from our expertise on every patent file history order.


  • We are the only company that offers customers in the U.S. a single, low fee of $1.25 per page, regardless of country. (This same pricing model, with different price points, applies for all of our customers, no matter what country they are located in.) Our competitors generally charge $1.50 to $3.50 per page for non-U.S. files, and their fees vary by country – it is difficult to know what you will pay.
  • Local inspection fees may also apply for file histories other than US, EP, and WO. Our inspection fees for countries with publicly available file histories are significantly lower than our competitors’. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce these costs for our customers.
  • We provide free estimates for all file history requests. The specific format and level of detail in our estimates may vary by country, based on the information available.

Customer Service

  • We keep our customers informed of the progress of every request.
  • We leverage all of our offices and our network of local agents to obtain valuable information to support unique requests.
  • We will investigate the availability of any file history in any country. Check out this list showing some of the countries for which our customers have ordered file histories. Don’t see the country you’re interested in? Ask us – if it’s available, we will get it for you.
  • We thoroughly research large requests, removing duplicate files and notifying customers of any unique circumstances regarding the files they ordered.
  • We work hand-in-hand with our experienced patent translation department to address any translation needs that arise.


  • We assemble patent file histories very carefully and check the accuracy of every page. We’ll notify you of missing papers or pages and direct your attention to important papers or attachments.
  • Our Web Wrapper® electronic patent file histories – the industry standard – are provided to you via email or web downloading as fully searchable PDFs with detailed bookmarks.
  • We provide English bookmarks for many of our non-U.S. file histories.


  • Our turnaround times are generally quicker than our competitors’ due to our extensive network of local agents and the expertise of our research analysts.
  • If your requested file is already part of our large, in-house collection of U.S. and non-U.S. electronic file histories, we can often deliver the file you need within minutes.

Let Landon IP handle your order, and we are confident that your search for the perfect supplier of global patent file histories will be over.